STS Partners with Glazier Clinics

partnerships press release Feb 28, 2019

Glazier Clinics is one of the premier educational resources for football coaching development. They believe in the value of the inherent skill sets of our service members for coaching football. Glazier Clinics has offered Soldiers To Sidelines Football Alumni a free season pass to all their content. In order to obtain one of these free season passes, you must attend of our football certification seminars. They are free, extremely informative and tons of fun! Below are two testimonials from alumni of our last seminar at Georgetown University. 

“This is the best all-inclusive football coaches training I’ve been to in 20 years.” - Eric Lauer, Retired U.S. Army 

“I have been to several football clinics previously, but this was the best one yet because of the emphasis on developing culture, relationships, being inspirational, dealing with parents, and all of the other non-X’s & O’s topics.” - Todd Meggett, U.S. Air Force 

Glazier's offer is a tremendous value and a generous gesture. It is wonderful to see the football community rally and support our military to become expert coaches.  

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