STS Coach Earns Grant for Coaching Opportunity at Northwestern University

careers football Apr 25, 2019

Soldier Coach and retired U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. David Young earned $1,000 grant for a guest coaching opportunity at Northwestern University (D-I). 

Soldiers To Sidelines continues to offer exclusive coaching development opportunities at some of the top collegiate football programs in the country. Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald and the Northwestern Wildcats welcomed David Young of the to their spring practices as guest coach. Coach Young was granted access to positional group meetings and open access to learn from the coaching staff.  

"I had several questions with regard to teaching certain techniques and installing certain concepts that I was able to get one-on-one help with," Coach Young said. He also had access to every team practice. "This was huge! Practice/time management is key and there is a great deal to learn from observing one of the best programs in the country," continued Young. Additionally, Young had valued the networking opportunity, "I was able to meet many coaches from around the region as well as the Northwestern coaching staff, director of football operations, athletic director, and head coach."

David Young attended a Soldiers To Sidelines Coaching Certification Seminar in 2018 and then completed the STS Continued Development Program. Because of his persistent dedication and focus on improving as a coach, he was the perfect candidate to earn this prestigious opportunity. Young currently coaches at West Limestone High School in northern Alabama as an offensive line coach. His dream of earning this opportunity was actualized thanks to Tammy Walker and the Randy Walker Legacy Foundation. The RWLF is a major sponsor of Soldiers To Sidelines. Through their sponsorship, David Young was awarded a $1,000 grant to pay for travel, lodging, and meals to afford the Northwestern opportunity. 

While Coach Young was learning at Northwestern more fortune found him. He was offered a full-time job with West Limestone High School which offers him a full salary and benefits. In one year, Soldiers To Sidelines has helped David find a coaching position at a high school in his community, earn a Big 10 coaching experience with a $1,000 grant, and ultimately earn a full-time job doing what he loves -- coaching young men. 

Soldiers To Sidelines and David Young send a special thank you to The Randy Walker Legacy Foundation, Athletic Director Jim Phillips, Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald, Director of Operations Cody Cejda, and Offensive Line Coach Kurt Anderson.

"I loved every second of my time at Northwestern! Cody, Coach Fitz, and Coach Anderson were extremely hospitable and made me feel part of the team.  I would recommend this for anyone who has this opportunity to take advantage of this in the future."  -- David Young

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