Recap of STS Football Coaching Seminar in Washington, D.C.

events football May 06, 2019

This past weekend, Georgetown University Football hosted a Soldiers To Sidelines Football Coaching Seminar in their state-of-the-art facilities. It is always wonderful to watch a group of strangers from all over the country who happen to have a passion for coaching football become a close group in four short days. With every new seminar, a new group of military coaches is indoctrinated into the Soldiers To Sidelines coaching tribe. There was no better person to kick off the weekend then U.S. Army veteran Col. Greg Gadson. He is a living inspiration, and we showed our appreciation for his coaching leadership by cheering him on as he rode an adapted bicycle from Washington, D.C. to Gettysburg, PA with Face of America.

Retired Major General John Ewers of the U.S. Marine Corps (pictured above) welcomes the class and delivers a powerful message about the symbiotic relationship between leadership and coaching every single day in every instance. He explains the magnitude of the power and responsibility our military coaches have to impact hundreds of thousands of young people. After his inspirational message, instructors dug deep into how to effectively coach. 

Throughout the weekend, we explored the fundamentals of inspiration and motivation. We learned about the six components of effective coaching. After we discovered that coaches coach people, we began to get deeper into the anatomy of football.

Thank you to all the incredible football coaches that presented from all over the country at every level of football: Bill Khayat, head coach of Brevard College (D-III) spearheaded offensive theory. Del Smith, STS director of football and associate head coach/defensive coordinator of Wagner College (D-I AA) led the defense and special teams lessons. Aaron Brady, head coach of St Mary's Ryken High School assisted in all aspects of football development and educated the group on strategies to communicate with parents. And, our special guest presenter, Eric Sanders who is currently a defensive assistant in the secondary with NY Jets brought down the house with his detail on pressures and protections.

Throughout the weekend, we took everything we learned in the film room directly out to the field.

Here is how some of our new Soldiers To Sidelines coaches felt about the experience.

Daniel Gill of the U.S. Navy said, “This was one of the best decisions of my life. The knowledge that I learned this weekend has changed my life. I will always remember this weekend." 

 Jacob Eldridge who is the active duty in the U.S. Navy and currently serving as offensive coordinator of the Navy Sprint Football Team said, "This was by far the most impactful football clinic I have ever attended!"

U.S. Marine Paul "Dustin" Lawless felt, "This training is life changing." And added, "Find your purpose!"

Retired U.S. Army Sgt. Joe Tomes drove 12 hours one way to D.C. from Decator, GA and reported, "I feel like I have joined a brotherhood that we can lean on one another and fill a hole that's been missing since leaving the military."

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