STS Partners with Three Rangers Foundation

partnerships press release Sep 25, 2020
Three Rangers Foundation
Written by Will Huff
Two nonprofit organizations serving Veterans and Service Members, Three Rangers Foundation and Soldiers To Sidelines, have agreed to a partnership based on collaboration and shared goals.
"Over the past several months, Soldiers To Sidelines hosted 75th Ranger Regiment veterans Matt Eversmann, Cedric King, and Matt Zosel (current Men's Head Basketball Coach at Lane Community College) during our evening webinars and the enduring impact of serving in the world's elite infantry unit has on these individuals is evident," stated STS Founder and Executive Director Harrison Bernstein, he added,  "After recently hosting retired Command Sergeant Major Mike Hall, Executive Director of Three Rangers Foundation, it was clear to Mike and me, that our organizations can serve our communities more effectively through teamwork."
"At Three Rangers Foundation, one of our key functions is support to Rangers after leaving active duty service, we do this through contacts and connections with quality individuals and organizations.  This allows the Ranger to determine their next career path, and now with Soldiers To Sidelines providing a defined path into athletic coaching," said Mike Hall, Executive Director of Three Rangers Foundation, "While not applicable for all transitioning Rangers, this partnership will provide high-quality support to several Rangers per year.  We already have a handful of 75th Ranger veterans coaching at the youth, high school, and collegiate level, this partnership will certainly assist others."
The two organizations will collaborate and work together on shared priorities to include:
  • Provide a support network during transition from the military
  • Provide veterans and current members of 75th with access to all STS coaching seminars
  • Increase public awareness of the two organizations
To learn more about the Three Rangers Foundation:  
Commemorate the service and sacrifice of Task Force Ranger through the Mogadishu Mile Virtual Event:

To learn more about Soldiers To Sidelines:
Register for upcoming  coaching webinars:
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